Suggestion Box

Hi All,

We’re looking to build the best website possible, please, if you have any questions, complaints, additions, or comments…let us know.

  1. Marty,

    I finally got brave and opened up this puppy. I’m very proud of
    the talent you have and how you are not afraid to try new things.
    this can only help out in the future when you try your wings elsewhere.

    As yet we have not sold the other house and it was on the market
    for six months and did not have one offer. the world economy is sucking everywhere. We are in good shape, however our investments have taken a beating. Love dad & gwen

  2. Thanks a lot for putting up the website. I have two suggestions for the transportation area. One is a comprehensive map of bus routes by zone. The way it’s set up now, if you’re looking to go to a specific place from a specific place, you have to check each bus route for the zone, which is time consuming. It would be nice to just look at a map and see which buses go to the different stops.

    Second, bigger and clearer maps of the routes. Some of them are hard to read right now.

    Thanks again.

  3. I would like to suggest train schedules.. unless of course I’m just an idiot and can’t find them!

  4. Well i wish THIS website was around 2 years ago when i first came to ULSAN! GREAT JOB guys! Clear, interesting, informative and interactive: it’s a great one-stop resource shop! I agree with the ‘bus routes’ comment above. I once boarded the wrong bus which cost me one hour of my life and 25000 won in taxi fare!!

    Oh..and how about on-line shopping? Nah, forget that one 🙂

  5. Thanks for putting the site together. I just wanted you to know that I came across a website for ordering books in English. The company is located in South Korea. I am pretty sure shipping is free for purchases over 25,000 won. The site is easy to use and they offer TONS of books and magazines. The site can be read in either Korean or English. It’s: http://www.whatthebook.com (what the book).

  6. Great site nice to see Ulsan specific information, ㅈhat it needs though is a an active Ulsan specific FORUM. Most teachers know that the most useful Korea info is found on Forums (Dave’s/FaceBook/etc etc) but it’s all over the place. Lets centralise all the Ulsan information in one place… here! A few regular users of an Ulsan specific forum and the information/users will roll in. I’ll quite happily work as a moderator if needed!

  7. Hi Mal,
    We are thinking about forums…
    If we do get it up and running, we’ll let you know

  8. Where are the train schedules?!

  9. trains schedules are UP

  10. Great site & very usefull information.Thanks

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